Some Suggestions for the Un-Essay Assignment

There are currently a wide range of open-access digital tools, methodologies, and learning strategies that you can explore as you work on your un-essay assignment. For example, here’s a helpful page that contains numerous links. Some of the suggestions on this page will not work for your assignment, but you will still find some very provocative suggestions if you take the time to explore a few of the links. Some of these will require that you have above-average aptitude with digital culture and learning, but others should be easily accessible for most of you.

Unfortunately, because our course is not properly a course in Digital Humanities (DH), I won’t have time to go over in detail many of the new tools that humanities scholars have at their disposal today. I will, however, mention a few of these in class, or we might have a chance to use some of them during our class discussions. My hope is that in future Victorian literature courses, and especially 400-level seminars (possibly one next year on the topic of “Victorian Bodies”), I will be in a much better position to build in a more deliberate DH component.


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