The Final Exam

Our final exam will be open book and open notes, and you will have the exam questions in advance of our exam date. We talked about the exam format in class a number of weeks back, but I thought we could have another discussion here. I am preparing the exam to be written in two hours, but you will have three hours to write if you need extra time. It will consist of two sections, each weighted equally: (1) two passage analysis paragraphs — you will choose your own passages from two different works from our course reading list (2) an essay question from a list of topics. In total you must write about at least 4 different texts from the course reading list (i.e. two different texts for section one and at least two different texts for section two).

I have a question in mind that is open-ended and based on your own experiences of the course this semester, which I will include in the list of exam essay questions, but some students expressed an interest in a range of questions for the final essay question. So, we’ll do that, as well. When you have a moment, can you please provide comments on this blog entry about specific questions that you would like to see on the final exam. Please phrase your comments as formal questions, keeping in mind that good exam essay questions should have a blend of specificity and generality. Good questions should also focus on broader themes that we have explored in our class discussions this semester.

I will consider any comments to this blog entry as part of your five required comments for those of you who have chosen to write comments for your 5% blog assignment this semester.


2 thoughts on “The Final Exam

  1. Just to clarify, would you like us to use two of the works we’ve covering in a single essay? Or will we be writing two essays? Personally, I found a lot of the suggested final essay topics compelling. Maybe we could incorporate some of the more popular examples into the list of topics?


  2. One essay that discusses at least two works. And, I think your suggestion about the list of final essay topics that we’ve already compiled is a great idea. In fact, I’ve decided to run with this suggestion, as you’ll see in class today when we talk about the exam. Great idea!


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