Victorian Aestheticism Readings

Hello Students of ENGL 353!

Welcome back to another semester at MacEwan University. I recognize many of your names in my list of students, I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and your work in our course this semester.

ENGL 353 will introduce you to the major intellectual, aesthetic, and literary changes in the later Victorian period (roughly the 1860s to the beginning of the twentieth century). I have assigned four novels for you to read this semester, but we will also look at a range of online readings. You will find links to these readings either through Blackboard or directly through this blog.

And here’s our first set of online readings. For Tues Sept 15, please read the following:

Christina Rossetti, “Echo” (1862); “Winter: My Secret” (1862); “In An Artist’s Studio” (1896).

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, selections from The House of Life. I would like you to read as many of the sonnets in this sonnet sequence as possible. Find one or two in particular that resonate with you.

For Thurs Sept 17, please reading the following:

Walter Pater, Studies in the History of the Renaissance (1873). Preface (vii – xiv); Conclusion (207-13).

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