MacEwan’s 2016 English Student Conference

Dr. Mike Perschon and I are organizing the English department undergraduate student conference at MacEwan for this academic year. The conference will take place in February 2016, and we’ve chosen a theme of “Affect/Effect.” Consider this blog post my first plea for students in ENGL 353 this semester, or any other undergraduate students (past, present, and future) who might be reading this, to submit proposals.

We’ll be announcing an official call for proposals (a CFP) in the next few days, but for now let me just say that we’re looking for student papers that explore any aspect of the ways in which literature, film, television and similar narrative-driven media both compel readers/viewers to experience heightened states of affective response (anger, sadness, boredom, happiness, exhilaration, inspiration, etc) and produce various formal, thematic, or representational effects. Students who have an interest in presenting a paper at the conference should consider this general idea as open-ended rather than restrictive. Basically, any paper you are currently writing or have written in the past few semesters that addresses some aspect of this topic will be most welcome at the conference.

More specifically, if you’re in my ENGL 353 class this semester, you are most likely going to be writing either a blog entry, an unessay, or a final research paper on some topic relating to affect/effect. Every blog entry posted so far this semester would make for an excellent paper at the conference. We’ll talk further about this in class, but please, please, please consider submitting a proposal to present a paper at the conference in February.

This conference has been a tremendous success in the past, and I would personally like to continue its success. But we need students to submit proposals. This is the starting point, so let me know if you have any further questions or if you want to discuss some ideas for a paper with me.


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