Future Seminars in Vict. Lit.

Hey students and other readers, it’s that time of year when I have to start pitching ideas for future undergraduate seminars at MacEwan. What kinds of topics and themes interested you in relation to Victorian literature and culture?

Typically, I try to develop seminar topics based on my current research interests. Right now, I’m thinking about near-future research and writing on the Victorian anthropometric imagination (i.e the literary fascination with new developments in the science of human measurements and data). I’ve talked about this material in other seminars in the past, such as my 2016 seminar on “Victorian Bodies.” This is definitely a topic I would like to explore in further detail with seminar students because it has so many resonances with our own algorithmic and biometric fascinations and anxieties today.

What other topics for an advanced undergraduate seminar interest you? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Future Seminars in Vict. Lit.

  1. In class, you mentioned tentatively doing a seminar on the “New Woman” — I think that would be SUCH a fascinating and important seminar topic.


  2. If the focus is going to be Victorian, I would say we had a lot of good discussions on Lady Audley with her beauty as a weapon, and the railway mania. Maybe a seminar on Lady Audley with comparitive literature that aligns with the ideas (you mentioned Dickens for railway mania and of course Dorian Gray works with beauty as a weapon)


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